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otabek altin|elsa fucker.
prompt: this is my first time at the ice rink and ive fallen on my butt at least 34 times so far but you keep skating around me like a fuckin pro au
pairing: otabek altin x reader 
words: 741


You shouted as you fell for (probably) the 79th time in a row. 
Rubbing your temples furiously, you questioned why you even brought yourself to the frost-covered deathtrap. Bruised, wet, cold, and extremely irritated, you lifted yourself off the ice, glaring across at the black-haired man in the middle of the rink, gracefully spinning like a ballerina. 
You put a hand on the wall next to you, stabilizing yourself so you wouldn't fall. And immediately after pushing off, you fell again. To top it all off, the ballerina boy was skating towards you. 
He bent down next to you."Uh, are you-" 
"What do you want, you fucking Elsa fucker?!" You said cutting him off, also sounding thoroughly pissed.
To your surprise, he didn't seem off
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 16 6
hinata shouyou|wings.
hinata shouyou x F!reader
fluffy one-shot
drabble containing 281 words
note: this song is based off the lyrics of this song

Take me to the sky
He was a boy full of hopes, dreams, and aspirations. 
Determined, a trait that actively described him. 
"Ha, him? Not a chance.", people would think.
If only they hadn't underestimated him.
I go places, they tell me not to
They say, don't judge a book by its cover.
And in his case, it's absolutely true.
His passion for volleyball was almost unbelievable.
Even at a height of 5'4, he's still able to play regularly on his volleyball team as a middle blocker.
At the beginning of each game, you see the fiery tenacity present in his eyes, the confidence in his aura, and the solemnity in his expression, as he gets into position. 
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 7 7
ayato kirishima|phases.
ayato kirishima x ghoul!aogiri!reader
oneshot drabble
288 words
text crack!
note: guess who's back back again ele's back tell a friend
it's been 5 yrs... jk but i'm really bad with updating honestly but yeah i've had this idea forever and i promised kelly that i would write this like last year and i'm actual trash so kelly pls forgive me i love you and happy birthday <333 ilysm NOW ANYONE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GET OFFENDED BY THIS CRACK FIC i am not making fun of or bashing any of the bands mentioned they're all great and most of the insults are said by my mom when i try to ask for her opinion on the music i listen to so PLLSS don't get offended

how dare you.
Actual Meme:
I'm telling you, they're just a group of dads that play emo music.
E X C U S E  Y O U  I T ' S  A L T E R N A T I V E  R O C K
and andy's nOT A DAD

Actual Meme:
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 5 24
bokuto koutarou|the time of my life.
bokuto koutarou x gn!reader
590 word one-shot
inspiration: [link]
note: LOL this fic came out of nowhere like john cena and randy orton but i kept seeing it on tv and i felt like it was destined for bokuto. but without further ado, i hope you enjoy reading! 
The two of you were sitting on the couch, resting in each other's arms. 80's style music played from the TV signalling the near end of the movie. The movie that the two of you had chosen for your night in was Dirty Dancing, the classic drama about a forbidden love between a young rich girl and a dance instructor. 
"You know... I could totally do that." Bokuto said after a long term of silence.
Ah. He was referring to the iconic lift scene that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze had done.
You snickered. "Stop trying to be *Ryan Gosling."
Bokuto scoffed. "Ryan Gosling? Psh, I've never heard of him. But real
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 29 15
kageyama tobio|friends.[1]
kageyama tobio x gn!reader 
part 1/??
inspiration: 'Friends' season 3, episode 15: "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break"
note: hi hi everyone! this is a series of one-shots based off scenes from the fabulous sitcom series "Friends"! it's one of my favorite comedy series and it's really good! after reading, please check the description for the scene that i was inspired by and the crappy explanation of this story! anyways i hope you enjoy! 
"I mean, don't you think we can work on this?"
No one would have ever expected this from him. 
Even you, the one he was confessing to. 
He was known as a blunt man of few words.
He was someone who liked to show little to no emotion. 
So it really was a surprise when he confessed to you outside the school's gym, in your third year of high school. 
That was the start of your long yet powerful relationship.
Now fast forward a few years to your sophomore year in college. The two of
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 12 21
yachillstealyourheart by dorkageyama yachillstealyourheart :icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 2 4 terusmoothma yuuji eue by dorkageyama terusmoothma yuuji eue :icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 4 0 HQ VALENTINES ARE BACK B) by dorkageyama HQ VALENTINES ARE BACK B) :icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 3 8
kisumi shigino|too hot.
kisumi shigino x gn!reader
note: reader acts a lot like haru in this.
You never thought that cotton candy could drive you insane.
But it was possible.
"Don't you think roller-skating in the city would be fun? Just gliding through the streets on wheels!" 
Oh yeah. 
You were still stuck with that weirdo, Kisumi. 
Crossing your arms and letting out a deep sigh, you replied. "Yes, very fun, if you consider possibly getting hit by cars fun."
Kisumi pouted. "Well, what do you wanna do today?"
"I'm hot." You replied shortly. 
"Aren't you cocky?" Kisumi teased. 
Ignoring his comment, you fanned yourself and thought of normal, non-lethal activities to do."I want to swim." You said, after coming out of your brief silence and very much resembling a certain blue-eyed swimmer.
"Why," Kisumi started cheekily, with a smirk on his face. "So you can show me your swimsuit?" He said with a wink. 
You scoffed and rol
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 22 8
various!haikyuu|kiss me!
merry late christmas everyone! haha i'm late as always  
happy holidays! 
"Kiss me!" A voice said with desperate need.
"I told you to stay away!" You shrieked, running away from the flirty brown-haired setter.
"But it's holiday tradition!" The setter replied, making grabby hands at you.
"Holiday tradition my ass, get away!" You replied, swiftly turning right.
"I will never-OOMPH!" The testosterone-filled teenager couldn't finish his sentence, due to his bumping into a wall. 
"Serves you right, Oikawass!" You said cheekily as you walked away, putting your hands on your hips.
Earlier that day...  
"Welcome everyone! Today we host our first volleyball team Christmas party!" A coach announced. 
"You may help yourself to any drinks or food that you see. However, once the party ends, you must clean up." 
"With that being said, go on and have fun! Merry Christmas!" The whole string of coaches chorused.
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 37 5
oikawa tooru|chick flicks.
oikawa tooru x reader
"Stop it." 
"I don't wanna!" 
"Seriously? Your hand is right next to the damn remote."
"I can't stop watching right at the climax of the movie! She just realized she loves him and now he's gonna go marry some girl his parents picked for him. The story is so complicated and detailed, and I just can't stop watching."
"You promised that we'd watch a horror today!" 
"But horror scares me!"
"That's the point, dumbass."
"Can we finish this first and then watch the horror?"
"Ugh, fine."
An hour passed, and you sat on the couch, arms crossed, watching the horror movie all by yourself. Oikawa snored quietly, his head resting on your lap. Brown, curly hair tickled your thighs, making you giggle slightly. You sighed, a smile settling on your features. 
"What am I going to do with you?"
"You could actually do me." 
"I knew you were awake, you pervert!"
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 55 37
vte 4 trumpyama pls 2k16 by dorkageyama vte 4 trumpyama pls 2k16 :icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 1 26
yao wang|tinatangi countdown.
China Ending
Yao was nervous, to put it mildly. His heart was thumping and his hands were trembling. He would break out in cold sweat every now and then. 
Because in exactly 2 days, 6 hours, and 12 minutes he would meet his soulmate. 
Troubled thoughts such as 'what if she doesn't like me' and 'what if I'm not her soulmate' plagued his worried mind for the past week. He groaned quietly, massaging his temples as he paced the room. 
"Yao, are you alright?" Yao's younger brother, Kiku asked. 
Yao was brought out of his thoughts and he hesitantly answered, "Eh? O-oh, I'm fine." 
"You're obviously not fine Yao." Kiku deadpanned. 
"It's fine, you don't have to worry about it." Yao stated, dismissing the subject.
Kiku raised an eyebrow, skeptical about
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 20 28
antonio carriedo|still into you.
human!spain x reader
Can't count the years on one hand, that we've been together

Sighing happily, your head leaned on his shoulder. The both of you kept your eyes trained on the corny rom-com playing on your television.  Originally, you both had planned to go out for your umpteenth date, however it decided to rain thus forcing the two of you to stay indoors.
“You know, I think this is still more fun than going out for a picnic.” You said.
Pero, I spent so much time working on making the food!” He whined.
You giggled, nuzzling your face into your boyfriend’s shoulder.  You loved these kind of times with him, just joking around and relaxing with each other.
“It’s okay Toni,” You cooed, pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek. “We can still eat them.”
“I guess you’re right…the scenery won’t be as romantic though.” He said, pouting.
“Don’t worry, tesoro, it
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 17 29
tooru oikawa| birthday.
tooru oikawa x fem!reader
Oikawa smiled happily, while slicking his hair back with some gel. After rinsing his hands of the gel, he hummed cheerfully putting on a flannel and dark wash jeans. Sliding down the staircase’s railing, he got off with a jump.
“Today’s my birthdaaaay, today’s my birthdaaaay!” He sang to no one in particular. His phone vibrated, causing him to stop.
“Hey, Asskawa, when are you gonna get here?”    
“Aw, (Name)-chan misses me! Don’t worry, I’m coming over now!”
“Alright, Bakawa.” (Name) said teasingly, ending the call.
After finally arriving at (Name)’s house, he walked to the doorstep and knocked. Surprisingly, the door opened by itself. Shrugging, he stepped in. Instantly, the smell got to him.
“Ugh, what is that smell?” He murmured.
“Your family.” (Name) said nonchalantly.
“What?!” He shrieked, lo
:icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 23 16
just something i whipped up from the dark abyss by dorkageyama just something i whipped up from the dark abyss :icondorkageyama:dorkageyama 4 32
"you'd better watch your don't want to get bitten."
a few of my newest works~ i like to write reader inserts, but you may find a few silly photo manipulations.

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hiya! i'm an elephant that likes writing fanfiction. i'm into kpop such as bts, got7,exo, bigbang, seventeen, exid, monsta x, and gfriend. i'm also into p!atd, fob, paramore, journey, the beatles, and other stuff. don't hesitate to talk to me! i don't bite. hard. ;)

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